How to submit a resource

The Cancer Directory Website invites you to submit resources by first registering to become a publisher and then completing the online submission tool. Your submission is then reviewed by the Cancer Directory website team, approved or rejected according to the quality of the submission and reviewed annually to ensure our directory remains up-to-date, relevant and accurate.

Resources are sought from Australian organisations, specifically those produced by Commonwealth, state and territory government departments, Cancer Councils, major health services and major not for profit organisations.

The online submission process

  1. Register as a publisher. All publishers need to be approved by The Cancer Directory Website team before they are able to begin to submit resources online.
  2. Download the resource checklist. Please use the downloadable form as a checklist to ensure you have all of the necessary information about each resource.
  3. Submit your resource by following the prompts and completing all mandatory highlighted sections.
  4. Resource assessment - Before inclusion on the website, the Cancer Directory Website Team assesses all submissions to assess the currency, accuracy and relevance of resources in the context of Australian cancer care and control. Read more about our quality review process.
  5. Annual review - Resources that are included on the Cancer Directory Website are reviewed annually to ensure the information provided is current and relevant and weblinks are accurate. If any entries require attention please contact us.

Download printable checklist

We have supplied a PDF checklist for download to ensure you have all of the mandatory information before you begin to submit your resources online. Please note, you will not be able to save the submission until you have provided all of the mandatory information.

Submission form.pdf

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